Who is Konvy? Meet Streamer Who Slapped Island Boys in Fousey Livestream

Konvy has been making headlines for the wrong reasons.

The streamer was recently seen slapping one of the members of Island Boys during a recent live stream from Fousey.

Following the heated confrontation, Konvy was  chased by the two twins, as reported by multiple news platforms including Dexerto.

Fousey teamed up with the Island Boys to have another random boxing session at a house, and things got heated.

During the stream, you can see Konvy standing between the Island Boys and N3on who is laying on the couch.

One of the Island Boys told Konvy not to touch him but instead, he goes on to push him.

The two started hurling expletives at each other while the bodyguards tried to contain the situation and keep them away from each other.

The twins then try to attack Konvy and at one point, Konvy slaps one of the Island Boys and he is pushed out of the door of the house by the bodyguards.

Videos of the chaos were uploaded on different social media platforms, including Twitter, where they went viral.

Who is Konvy?

Konvy is a 20-year-old Twitch streamer with over 150,000 followers on the platform.

He is also active on Kick, where he has a following of over 100,000.

Konvy is known for playing head-to-head matches with online opponents for cryptocurrency wagers.

His live content on Twitch under the username “konvy” features him playing various games, including Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto.

Recently, Konvy has become embroiled in a dispute following a livestream in which he was filmed slapping one of the Island Boys and using the N-word.

This has led to controversy and backlash from the community.

However, it is worth noting that Konvy has been unbanned from Twitch, according to a tweet from Cheesur.

In a nutshell, Konvy is a Twitch streamer who has gained a significant following for his live content, which features him playing various games and competing in head-to-head matches for cryptocurrency wagers.

While he has recently been involved in a controversial incident, he has since been unbanned from Twitch.

Beefs amongst Twitch streamers

Twitch streamers are content creators who broadcast their gameplay, commentary and other content live on the Twitch platform.

While many streamers are friends and collaborate with each other, some have gotten into feuds with their colleagues.

Streamers can become rivals when they compete against each other in games or when they have different opinions on certain topics.

For example, Tfue and Ninja have been beefing on and off for many years, with their rivalry passing down from game to game.

Additionally, streamers are not immune to the toxicity prevalent on the internet, and some may engage in negative behavior towards their colleagues.

For instance, xQc and Andrew Tate had a beef that ate up the community, with xQc calling Tate a “clown” and Tate calling xQc a “rat”.

Streamers can also get into feuds when they engage in controversial behavior that is not well-received by the community.

The perfect example is, Konvy, a controversial streamer, was recently embroiled in a dispute following a livestream in which he was filmed slapping one of the Island Boys and using the N-word.

Twitch has rules and guidelines that streamers must follow, and those who violate them can face consequences such as bans or suspensions.

Twitch also offers new tools to aid in the ongoing battle against bot-powered “hate raids,” in which trolls overwhelm streamers’ chats with fake accounts that spam hateful messages.

However, Twitch’s recent moves have confused and upset creators, fans, and staff alike, and the company is set to lay off hundreds of employees in the next few weeks.

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