Who is Jackson Hinkle? Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend & More

Jackson Hinkle is an American political commentator, social media influencer and internet celebrity.

He was born on September 15, 1999, in San Clemente, California, and attended San Clemente public schools.

Hinkle is known for hosting the political show The Dive with Jackson Hinkle and advocating for MAGA communism, which is a call for MAGA supporters to adopt Marxist-Leninism adapted to American conservatism.

He was also a political activist campaigning for climate justice and Bernie Sanders in 2018.

Hinkle has a large following on social media, with over 350,000 followers on Instagram.

However, he has also been involved in controversies, including spreading misinformation on Twitter and being an anti-Israel activist.

Jackson Hinkle age

Hinkle was born on September 15, 1999, making him 24 years old.

Jackson Hinkle height

According to multiple sources, Hinkle’s height is reported to be 5 feet 9 inches.

Jackson Hinkle girlfriend

Hinkle is in a relationship with Anna Linnikova, a Russian model and beauty queen.

The two are engaged and live together in Miami.

This information is supported by a post on Hinkle’s Instagram account, where he refers to Anna Linnikova as his “missing piece”.

Despite some controversial claims about Anna Linnikova on social media and in blog posts, the evidence from Hinkle’s own Instagram account and other reputable sources supports the fact that they are in a relationship.

Jackson Hinkle and his girlfriend Anna Linnikova PHOTO/@jacksonhinkle/Instagram

Jackson Hinkle and Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady, a surfing pro, has been involved in a feud with her ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill, and also with Hinkle who is her previous lover.

In July 2023, Sarah publicly accused Hill of emotional abuse.

She shared messages that included Hill’s list of demands, which he labeled as his “boundaries” in a relationship, and his alleged attempts to control Brady’s social media presence, including her surfing photos.

Brady also disclosed private messages from Hinkle on Instagram, where he had apparently said, “A man like Andrew Tate would be good for you”.

Her allegations sparked a debate on social media, with many people discussing the importance of setting boundaries in relationships.

Jackson Hinkle net worth

Hinkle has an estimated net worth ranging from $1 million to $3 million as of 2023.

He gained popularity for his progressive political commentary on his media channel, The Dive with Jackson Hinkle, and has been actively involved in political activism and community organizing.

Hinkle’s income primarily comes from hosting and YouTube videos, and he also has a Patreon account with over 473 patrons, making at least $1,419 per month.

Jackson Hinkle career

Jackson Hinkle is an American political commentator, social media influencer, and community organizer.

He is known for hosting the political show The Dive with Jackson Hinkle and advocating for MAGA communism, which is a call for MAGA supporters to adopt Marxist-Leninism adapted to American conservatism.

Hinkle was born in 1999 in San Clemente, California, and attended San Clemente public schools.

He founded the Team Zissou Environmental Organization during his sophomore year of high school and became a Water Ambassador for The Water Effect at The Ecology Center in 2017.

Hinkle is also a skilled digital strategist and a passionate activist who develops projects that make real and sustainable change.

Jackson Hinkle Twitter (X)

Hinkle is a prominent figure on Twitter, known for his strong opinions and active engagement with current events.

His tweets cover a wide range of topics, including geopolitics, media criticism, and social issues.

Hinkle’s Twitter feed reflects his outspoken nature and his willingness to challenge mainstream narratives.

His posts often generate significant attention and discussion, making his account a notable presence on the platform.

Hinkle’s tweets have addressed various topics, such as the conflict in Ukraine, media criticism, and political commentary.

His engagement with these issues has sparked debate and garnered attention from a diverse audience.

Hinkle’s willingness to express controversial viewpoints has contributed to his reputation as a provocative and influential voice on social media.

Jackson Hinkle PHOTO/@jacksonhinkle/Instagram

Jackson Hinkle college

Hinkle attended Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California, to pursue political science after graduating from San Clemente High School in 2018.

He has been described as a skilled community organizer, dynamic communicator, and a passionate activist.

Additionally, Hinkle is a YouTuber and political streamer, and he has been involved in writing for the Triton Times, a student newspaper.

Jackson Hinkle stand on the Hamas – Israel war

Hinkle has taken a stance against Israel’s actions in the conflict with Hamas, claiming that Israel has been bombing everything but Hamas in Gaza.

He suggests that Israel’s true goal is to drive Palestinians out of the area.

This position has caused division among some right-wing influencers, with Hinkle being accused of sympathizing with Hamas and spreading false information.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has also led to fractures within the MAGA community, with some conservatives expressing sympathy for Palestinians and questioning U.S. support for Israel.

Israel – Hamas war

The Israel-Hamas war has been ongoing with a complex history and various factors contributing to the conflict.

The recent escalation began when Hamas militants launched an unprecedented cross-border attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, resulting in a significant loss of life and taking hostages.

Israel responded with a fierce air, sea, and ground campaign on Gaza, as well as imposing a total siege on the territory to choke its Hamas rulers.

The conflict has led to a devastating humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with thousands killed and residents lacking basic supplies and nowhere to escape Israel’s bombs.

Israel’s military objectives in Gaza include eliminating Hamas to reassert Israeli deterrence and show the high costs of attacking Israel.

The situation remains tense, with international calls for a ceasefire to allow for the delivery of food, water, medical supplies and other necessities.

The conflict has a long history, with Hamas being a Palestinian Islamist militant group that has fought several wars with Israel since it took power in Gaza in 2007.

The Gaza Strip, ruled by Hamas, is home to about 2 million Palestinians and has one of the highest population densities in the world.

The conflict has also raised questions about the role of international actors, such as Iran, which funds Hamas and provides weapons and training.

The situation remains fluid, and the international community continues to monitor the developments closely.

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