Who is Ceta Walters? Cause of Death, Obituary, Husband, Divorce Settlement & More

Ceta Walters is a Chicago-based fashion and travel blogger who runs the blog Clark and Stone.

She shares outfits, travel guides, and personal insights on her blog and Instagram account, per Chicago Parent.

Additionally, Walters is also a mother and has shared her experiences of parenting during the pandemic.

She has been an influencer for two years.

Walters became a popular blogger through her fashion and travel blog, Clark and Stone.

She features outfits, travel guides, and personal insights on her blog and Instagram account, and has been an influencer for two years.

Walters has collaborated with fashion brands such as Veronica Beard, DVF, Rebecca Minkoff and J.Crew.

He has also gained popularity through her personal experiences, such as surviving cancer and sharing her challenges as a mother during the pandemic.

Walters’ relatable content and engaging personality have helped her gain a following and become a popular blogger.

Ceta Walters cause of death

According to FSK Hub, the popular Chicago fashion and travel blogger, passed away on August 29, 2023, at an early age.

While her family has not made any official statement about her cause of death, it appears that cancer was the root cause of her passing away.

There is no information available on the type of cancer she had or how long she had been battling the disease.

Walters’ death has been mourned by many people in the Illinois community, who bid farewell to a beloved member.

Ceta Walters husband

Walters’ husband is Stephen.

Stephen has been supportive of her and her work, and his understanding has been instrumental in her success.

However, according to Chicago Parent, Walters asked for a divorce from Stephen, citing her unhappiness, although she still loves him.

It is not clear when this happened, but it appears to have been before Walters’ death.

Despite their divorce, the two chose to be amicable and not drag each other through the courts in a nasty legal battle.

There is not much information available about Stephen beyond his relationship with Walters.

It is not clear what he does for a living or what his interests are.

Ceta Walters, her husband, Stephen, and their children PHOTO/Facebook

Ceta Walters obituary

Walters obituary has been posted by various obituary-sharing sites on the web although the official statement from the family has not been released yet.

It was recently confirmed that Walters took her last breath with her friends and close ones sharing photos on Facebook and paid tribute to the late soul.

At the time of publishing this article, details of Walters’ funeral and memorial services have not been shared.

People eager to know more and more updates may get updated soon.

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