Watch: TikToker Sara Mujala Leaked Video Goes Viral on Twitter, Telegram

Sara Mujala is a TikToker and Instagram influencer with 154K followers on Instagram.

She is known for her gorgeous looks and is a famous US model, TikTok celebrity and Instagram influencer from the new era of content creators.

Recently, Sara was mentioned in an article about a viral video involving a porta potty fight, but it is unclear if she was involved in the altercation.

Sara Mujala viral video

Sara’s viral footage went viral after it was posted on Twitter.

Apart from that, the video was first shared on Telegram groups, and later, it began circulating on other platforms.

As said earlier, many unauthorized Twitter accounts used the name of Sara and used her TikTok videos with fake titles just to get the attention of people.

Due to the fake news, everyone started believing that Mujala was involved in the intimate moment, but everything was fake.

Some people have also said that it was shared to defame Mujala’s personality.

As the topic has remained in the spotlight for the past few days, fans and followers of Sara have asked many questions to her.

At the time of this post, Sara has not said a single word about her viral video.

Many people are waiting for some updates from her regarding this matter as it has dragged her into the controversy.

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