Watch: Crowthorne Christian Academy Video Goes Viral Sparking Outrage

Crowthorne Christian Academy is a school that has recently gained attention due to various controversies and legal issues.

Crowthorne Christian Academy has been closed indefinitely by the Gauteng Department of Education.

The closure was due to the school operating illegally and denying officials entry.

One of the main reasons for the closure of Crowthorne Christian Academy was a controversy surrounding a student’s dreadlocks.

The school faced backlash after a video of a pupil being manhandled circulated widely.

The incident led to protests and picketing by members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

The principal’s husband of Crowthorne Christian Academy is reportedly facing legal action in court.

It is unclear what specific charges he is facing.

The video shows EFF members demonstrating outside of Crowthorne Christian academy with a heavy police presence.

The protest was sparked after a schoolgirl was forcefully removed from the school for having dreadlocks.

According to the school’s policy, hair extensions are not allowed.

The incident resulted in the school’s indefinite closure. An official note was sent to parents informing them of the school’s closure.

According to Gauteng’s Department of Education, Crowthorne Christian was not registered by the GDE.

Steve Mabona, a spokesperson for the GDE, said that the 13 year old student who was expelled for having dreadlocks was offered enrollment in an alternative school.

Mabona said the GDE was working to ensure the school was compliant and urged unlisted establishments to start the registration process.

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