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Abraham Villa fotos Filtradas

The influencer Abraham Villa lived a very difficult moment when his intimate photos were leaked in the middle of a live broadcast.

It all happened because the TikToker, who has 2.5 million followers , made a live broadcast on his social networks, in that video he shared that he had won a scholarship to study in Spain.

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Even on the live he was on a call with people who confirmed that he had already won the scholarship, and the young man who was looking to study nursing pointed out on the live that as a thank you he was going to donate some supplies for the children in his community.

 Abraham Villa fotos Filtradas

But when he approached the camera to read the comments, he found out that his intimate photos had been leaked.

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“Very nice and all, but you don’t remember when you sold the caress to feed you and your sister and to pay for her school. We just filtered all your photos. No matter how much you want to study nursing, no one, no one is going to hire you,” said the comment that the influencer read.

Abraham Villa was immediately taken aback and could only be heard saying “Oh no.” The transmission was cut off.

Abraham Villa breaks down in tears after losing scholarship due to photo leaks
In another video, Abraham Villa decided to break the silence and cried when talking about the situation he was going through.

 Abraham Villa fotos Filtradas

He pointed out that the photos circulating on the Internet are of him, but he pointed out that he did everything for his sister.

He said that his mother died when he was 17 years old and his father immediately abandoned them, so he was left to take care of his sister, but he did not want to leave her alone, because a man broke into her house and tried to abuse her.

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