The Murder of Logan Mwangi: Where to Watch Logan Mwangi’s Documentary

Logan Mwangi was a 5-year-old boy who was murdered in late July 2021 in Sarn, Bridgend, South Wales.

The precise nature of the events leading up to his death are difficult to ascertain.

However, it is believed that his mother, Angharad Williamson, his stepfather, John Cole, and Cole’s stepson, Craig Mulligan, participated in and were aware of physical attacks on Logan in late July which led to him developing severe external and internal injuries.

After his death, the household discarded Logan’s body in a river before denying any knowledge of how he died.

According to Wales Online, the subsequent police investigation found that he had been beaten to death.

Logan’s injuries were described as similar to victims of high-speed crashes or people who had fallen from a height – and a trial heard he had suffered 56 external cuts and bruises as well as “catastrophic” internal injuries.

The specifics of the case were reviewed, but the decision not to conduct a broader inquiry into children’s social services in Wales received some criticism.

The young age of Mulligan and the circumstances in which he joined the household also received some discussion.

Logan’s father, Benjamin Mwangi, has been campaigning to make it a law for estranged parents to be told if their child is under the supervision of social workers.

Williamson, Cole, and Mulligan were found guilty of murder in April 2022 and were sentenced to life in prison.

The concealment of Logan’s body in the river was described as “heartless”, “calculated, and orchestrated” by the judge.

Logan was described as the sweetest and most beautiful boy whose life has been tragically cut short.

Logan Mwangi documentary

“The Murder of Logan Mwangi” is a documentary that tells the story of the investigation into the murder of Logan, whose body was found dumped in a river.

The documentary covers the police investigation into Logan’s death and follows officers as they speak to Logan’s biological father.

The documentary gives a voice to Logan and highlights the failures within the child protection system.

The documentary is an hour-long watch and is produced by ITV. It is available to watch on TVNZ 1 and Apple TV (UK).

Logan Mwangi injuries

The five-year-old boy suffered horrific injuries before his alleged murder by his mother, her partner, and a teenager.

The injuries described by a pathologist included;

Brain trauma

Logan suffered brain trauma, which is damage to the brain tissue, indicating severe head injuries.

Internal damage

He also had damage to internal organs, such as tears in his liver and bowel.

Internal bleeding

Logan experienced internal bleeding, which suggests significant trauma to his body.


He had extensive bruising from head to foot, indicating repeated physical abuse.

Other marks

The pathologist identified 56 locations on Logan’s body where he observed bruises, grazes, scratches, or other marks.

Some of the injuries were so severe that they would have been expected in someone who had been in a road accident or had fallen from a height.

Additionally, some of the injuries were days or weeks old, indicating a pattern of ongoing abuse.

The involvement of professionals in Logan’s life, including doctors, is being examined in a Child Practice Review (CPR).

The review aims to identify any systemic issues with safeguarding children and improve future practices.

It has been reported that injuries on Logan were not shared by doctors with others who could have taken action to protect him.

The details of Logan’s injuries are deeply disturbing and tragic.

It is important to raise awareness about child abuse and ensure that children are protected and supported by professionals and the community.

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