Shania Twain Husband: Exploring Her 2 Marriages

Shania Twain is a Canadian singer, songwriter and actress who is known as the “Queen of Country Pop”.

She was born as Eilleen Regina Edwards on August 28, 1965, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and grew up in a challenging environment, facing poverty, hunger and abuse.

Twain’s music career began in the early 1990s when she caught the attention of record executives and signed with Mercury Nashville Records.

She rose to fame with her breakthrough album The Woman in Me in 1995, which included hit singles like Any Man of Mine and Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?.

Twain’s success continued with her album Come On Over in 1997, which became the best-selling studio album by a female artist in any genre.

She is also the founder of a charity organization, Shania Kids Can, which aims to support neglected children.

Shania Twain husband

The Canadian country music singer and songwriter has been married twice in her life.

Twain married Mutt Lange in 1993, just six months after they first met.

Lange is a music composer and producer from Zambia who has worked on various notable soundtracks and hit singles.

He was Twain’s co-writer and producer for many of her hit songs, such as Any Man of Mine, You’re Still the One, Man! I Feel Like a Woman and more.

However, their marriage faced a major setback when Lange allegedly had an affair with Twain’s best friend.

As a result, Twain divorced Lange.

After the betrayal by her first husband, Shania Twain found love with Frédéric Thiébaud, whom she is married to date.

They got married after going through similar experiences of betrayal and divorce.

Thiébaud was the ex-husband of the woman who had an affair with Lange, Twain’s supposed former best friend.

Twain and Thiébaud’s love story is detailed in her Netflix documentary, Not Just A Girl.

It is worth noting that Twain’s personal life has had its share of challenges and hardship, however, she has shown resilience and found love again after going through difficult times.

How did Shania Twain and Frédéric Thiébaud meet?

Twain and Thiébaud first met in the 1990s when they were both married to other people.

At the time, Twain was married to Lange, and Thiébaud was married to Marie-Anne Thiébaud, per Holywood Life.

Marie-Anne was hired by Lange to be the family’s assistant, and she quickly became one of Twain’s close friends.

The foursome would even take vacations and spend the holidays together.

However, Twain’s marriage to Lange faced a major setback when he allegedly had an affair with Marie-Anne.

As a result, Twain and Lange divorced and Thiébaud’s marriage also ended; Twain and Thiébaud found solace in each other’s company and started dating in 2009.

People reported that the two got engaged in December 2010 and tied the knot on New Year’s Day 2011 in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

After a decade of marriage, they are still very much in love with each other.

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