Sanaullah Abbasi Leaked Video Goes Viral Online Sparking Mixed Reactions

Sanaullah Abbasi is a Pakistani civil servant and police officer.

Between June 2021 and April 2022, he served as the Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency.

In addition to that, Abbasi also worked as inspector general of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police.

He took the respective roles between January 2020 and June 2021.

Furthermore, Abbasi often gets into the media prominence for various reasons. Currently, netizens are concerned about his scandal.

Before knowing something related to Abbasi’s scandal, let’s explore everything about his leaked video.

Sanaullah Abbasi leaked video

Everyone online is searching for DG FIA Sanaullah Abbasi leaked video.

Many people are concerned about this matter, which has pulled Abbasi into the limelight.

Some people speculated that the leaked video related to Abbasi may be explicit.

In the past, there have been records of some figures who went viral after their name was linked with explicit clips.

In the same way, Sanaullah became the victim of the same incident as online users started to search for his leaked video.

His leaked video has no truth, as it is another scandal. In the past, a leaked video was posted that was related to Abbasi.

In 2016, Sanaullah was directed to hold a thorough inquiry to resolve why Dr Asim Hussain’s video was leaked.

Sanaullah Abbasi PHOTO/Unique News Online

Why is the video trending?

At this time and age Social media plays a significant role in making leaked videos go viral.

When a video is leaked, it can quickly spread across social media platforms due to the ease of sharing and the vast reach of social media.

Social media platforms allow users to share content easily and quickly.

When a leaked video is shared by one user, it can quickly spread to their followers and beyond, leading to a viral effect.

Social media algorithms are designed to promote content that is engaging and popular.

When a leaked video starts to gain traction, the algorithms may start promoting it to a wider audience, leading to even more views and shares.

Social media platforms rely heavily on user-generated content.

When a leaked video goes viral, users may create their own content related to the video, such as memes or reaction videos, which can further increase its reach.

Further, when a leaked video goes viral, it may attract the attention of news outlets, who may report on the video and share it with their own audiences, leading to even more exposure.

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