Physics Teacher Surpassing her Son in a Game

Movies of individuals posing troublesome dares to others in return for rewards are all around the Web. In a latest video that has gone common on social media, a soccer participant’s child challenged his physics trainer’s mom to finish a job in which she needed to switch a ball from one upside-down cup to a different with out touching it.

The video was shared on Twitter by Ananth Rupanagudi, the Assistant Divisional Railway Supervisor (ADRM) for Chennai.

The video’s description states, “The son is an skilled soccer participant whereas the mom is a distinguished physics trainer. The son challenged the mom considering she wouldn’t be capable to put the ball in the opposite glass with out touching the ball.. However physics wins… look what she did!”

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The video has acquired a number of feedback, likes, and 327.2K views on Twitter because it was launched.

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