Olivia Dunne Boyfriend: Meet MLB Rookie Paul Skenes

Olivia Dunne is an American artistic gymnast and social media personality.

She was born on October 1, 2002, in Westwood, New Jersey, and grew up in Hillsdale, New Jersey.

Dunne is currently a member of the LSU Tigers women’s gymnastics team and is the highest-valued women’s college athlete as of 2022.

She is also a former USA national team member.

Dunne’s social media following of over 10 million has resulted in endorsement deals for her name, image, and likeness totaling seven figures.

Her fanbase and social media presence have led to sponsorships with Grubhub, Vuori, BodyArmor, and American Eagle.

In addition, Dunne has started a fund to help fellow female LSU athletes get their own deals down the line.

Dunne has competed in Italy at the 2017 Jesolo Trophy as part of the USA National Team, and the USA junior team went on to win the gold All Around medal.

She has also competed in various gymnastics competitions in the United States, including the U.S. Classic.

Dunne is majoring in communication studies at LSU.

Olivia Dunne boyfriend

Baseball star Paul Skenes recently confirmed he is in a relationship with Dunne, and urged fans to give her space when she attends his games.

There have been weeks of speculation surrounding the pair, and that came to a head earlier this week when Dunne was spotted in the stands watching Skenes make his debut for the Bradenton Marauders.

Until recently, there had been no confirmation about their romance, but Skenes has now confirmed that the pair are indeed an item.

“It’s nice, for sure. It can be a pain in the butt sometimes, to be honest, in terms of actually going somewhere

“If one of us went out in Baton Rouge by ourselves, there’s probably gonna be someone there asking for something picture, autograph, whatever,” Skenes told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Who is Paul Skenes?

Skenes is a baseball player who has gained attention for his impressive pitching skills.

The baseball star attended the Air Force Academy before transferring to Louisiana State University (LSU).

He played as a catcher and closer during his time at the Air Force Academy, and had impressive stats.

At LSU, Skenes became known for his pitching abilities, with a fastball that can reach up to 98 mph.

In 2023, Skenes was selected as the first overall pick in the Major League Baseball (MLB) draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He signed a record-breaking contract with the Pirates, worth $9.2 million.

Skenes made his first professional appearance with the Pirates’ minor league team, the Tarpons, in August 2023.

Baseball America has noted that Skenes has the potential to become a top MLB pitcher, but it remains to be seen how quickly he will reach the majors.

Some have even suggested that Skenes could become one of the best college pitchers ever, if he performs well in the College World Series.

What is Paul Skenes known for?

Pitching excellence

Skenes has established himself as one of the best pitchers in college baseball.

He has a powerful fastball that can reach up to 98 mph.

His ability to focus on the moment and block out distractions has contributed to his success on the mound.

Two-way phenomenon

Skenes initially started his college career as a catcher and relief pitcher.

He showcased his skills both as a hitter and a pitcher, making him a valuable asset to his team.

However, as his pitching abilities continued to shine, he transitioned to focusing solely on pitching.

College success

Skenes has had an impressive college career, earning recognition as one of the top pitching prospects in college baseball.

He has been a key player for LSU, the number one team in the country.

His performances have led to speculation about whether he could be one of the greatest college pitchers ever.


In addition to his pitching abilities, Skenes has also been noted for his versatility as a utility player.

This showcases his athleticism and ability to contribute in multiple positions on the field.

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