Olga Carmona Father Cause of Death

Olga Carmona is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a left back for Real Madrid CF and the Spain women’s national team.

She was born on June 12, 2000, in Seville, Spain, and began playing youth football for Sevilla.

In her first professional season, the talented footballer contributed five goals in 25 matches as Sevilla finished 12th.

Carmona has also played for the Spanish national team, scoring her first international goal on February 19, 2023, against Australia in the 2023 Cup of Nations.

Recently, she has been in the news for her cryptic goal celebration during the FIFA Women’s World Cup final.

Olga Carmona father cause of death

Carmona learnt of her father’s death shortly after the game.

The footballer’s father passed away shortly after Spain won the FIFA Women’s World Cup on August 20, 2023.

In a statement, the Spanish Football Federation expressed their condolences and regret at having to report the news of Carmona’s father’s death.

The federation did not provide any details including his cause of death.

However, Spanish media outlet Relevo reported that Carmona’s father had been fighting a long illness prior to his passing.

Het father’s name is Jose Verdasco.

Olga Carmona shirt

Carmona’s shirt message in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final was a tribute to her best friend’s mother who had recently passed away.

After scoring the winning goal against England, she lifted her shirt to reveal the word “Merchi”, Sky Sporta reported.

The meaning of the word initially puzzled fans and media outlets, but Carmona later explained that it was a dedication to a friend who recently lost her mother.

Carmona’s act of unveiling the message on her shirt was a heartfelt gesture to honor her friend’s loss and to show her support during a momentous occasion.

The word “Merchi” holds personal significance to Carmona and her friend, and it served as a way for Carmona to express her condolences and solidarity.

This touching tribute showcased Carmona’s empathy and the depth of her relationships off the field.

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