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Although the Najiba Faiz video leak caused a storm of uproar at first, it eventually showed the TV star’s resiliency.

Najiba Faiz, a well-known TV personality, is at the center of the most recent scandal engulfing Pakistani showbiz.

On social media, rumors of an obscene film leak have appeared, inciting controversy among both trolls and supporters.

Najiba Faiz has resorted to social media amid this controversy to address the matter and correct the record.

WATCH: Najiba Faiz New Video Leaked

Another layer to the drama developing is the tremendous suspicion around her relationship with the hottie Feroze Khan.

Najiba Faiz Leaked Video And MMS On Twitter

After fans expressed alarm over Najiba Faiz’s leaked video and MMS on Twitter, the TV personality addressed the matter.

Unexpectedly, Najiba Faiz took the initiative to handle the matter. She disclosed that her Facebook live recordings were twisted into obscene information through manipulative editing, which produced the purportedly leaked footage.

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The TV show host clarified the strategies employed against her by refuting the rumors. Najiba Faiz remained cheerful despite the evil intentions.

She laughed at the whole thing and urged the people who did it to get better at editing. The star of Khuda Kay Liye demonstrated perseverance in the face of difficulty.

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