Miss Pacman Guatemala Face Split Video Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit

If you are one of the active social media users, you may have come across the Ms Pacman video that is going viral on the internet.

This video is causing a lot of concern among social media users who are reporting it so that it can be removed immediately.

Some people are wondering what is in this video.

According to reports, Ms Pacman is the name of a woman who was brutally killed by her husband.

The incident took place in October 2018 in the municipality of Aguate Verapaz, Guatemala.

The video was caught on camera and has been going around on social media for almost six years.

In 2023, the video resurfaced with the new name of Ms. Pacman.

The husband was arrested and faced several trials.

However, it is unclear what happened to him after he brutally murdered his wife.

Miss Pacman video

The video of Miss Pacman Guatemala’s face split is going viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

Users are watching it and spreading it like wildfire.

The public on the internet is going wild over the video mostly of the disturbing content in it.

As the video was trending, many users on Twitter sparked the debate on whether the woman got justice or not.

In 2023, as the video has resurfaced on the internet, her case is again getting worldwide attention and more likely her case will be reopened. 

According to news reports, her cry for help was heard by her neighbors.

In the video, the husband can be seen hurting his wife with a machete and then brutally injuring her face. 

The video is extremely sensitive and disturbing and we urge users to not watch or share such video in order to pay respect to the deceased.

Because of the serious killing in the video, it has been nicknamed Miss Pacman.  

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