Katrin Vogelova insists of having sex at least 15 times a week

A mannequin spoke out about her (*15*) life, together with how she units a minimal of 15 kinky classes each week.

Katrin Vogelova has acknowledged that she is going to dump a lover who doesn’t have (*15*) together with her greater than twice every day.The curvaceous OnlyFans bombshell is well-off, with a claimed web price of £6.9 million.

Now, the Czech-born influencer residing in Germany isn’t searching for simply any man.

She want somebody to bang her at least 15 times every week.

On Might 24, Katrin aired her requests throughout a reside Instagram feed.

Katrin Vogelova

She stated: “If I’m in a relationship and my boyfriend solely sleeps with me 15 times a week, I’ll break up with him!

The recovering “(*15*) addict” claims that her celibacy journey can also be a vessel for internal peace.

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