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Shame was brought upon the educational system and teachers as a result of the incident at a school in Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi, Pakistan. Did you know that the school owner was called to receive the death penalty after the viral video went viral online? How did things turn out at the school in Gulshan-e-Hadeed? Check out the main viral video link for Karachi.

Links to Karachi School Principal’s Most Popular Video

There is a good reason why there are no online links to Karachi’s most popular viral video. Uncut versions of Karachi’s most popular viral video were not available online as of the time of writing. The work of the CCTV technician is acknowledged.

The IGM Education School’s owner and principal gave a call to a CCTV technician and asked him to remove a number of clips from the system’s storage. Regarding the IGM school scandal, 43 videos were posted on YouTube. The YouTube videos had educational content and had explicit material removed. Police were seen searching the principal’s office, and some clips from the original video were also shown.

The videos showed the school’s headmaster engaging in sexual relations with female employees. The technician felt that girls are unsafe in schools, though, and he was unable to ignore these crimes because the girls and female staff members resembled his daughters and other female family members.

You can join a private messaging group called Telegram by clicking on an invite link shared by one of its members. As a result, it is unknown whether Karachi’s most popular viral video is present on Telegram.

The technician filed a police report, along with the video clips. There were only a few censored screenshots of the original videos online.

Impact on the Community of the Karachi School Principal

Impact on the Community of the Karachi School Principal

Impact on the Community of the Karachi School Principal

Karachi principal video about the IGM school

After considering the incident, the education department set up a committee to look into it. As of this writing, there was only one Instagram post that included a video explaining the IGM school scandal.

After Irfan was detained, a lawsuit was started. A group of female police officers from the department also interviewed five female victims.

Reddit had one post about the IGM school scandal as of this writing. Users were instead directed to fake news and knowledge-based websites by the Reddit post. For Irfan, the death penalty was demanded. IGM school scandal news was widely reported in Pakistani media.

On TikTok, there were no posts about the scandal at the IGM school. On the IGM TikTok pages, @igm.education.sys posted details about the school’s mission as well as a number of videos of student activities.


Twenty-one Facebook users gave IGM Educational Institutes a rating of 5 stars. Social media videos demonstrated the IGM school’s high academic standards. The owner of the IGM school’s actions, however, have damaged the reputation of IGM educational institutions. Due to a variety of reasons, including employability, salary, etc., Irfan used to unfairly exploit female employees.

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