Jamie Crick Illness: What Disease Did He Suffer From?

Jamie Crick was a British radio broadcaster who was born in 1966 and died on August 29, 2023, at the age of 57.

He was educated at Christ’s School and the University of Westminster, where he gained a BA in Communication and Media Studies.

Crick worked as a presenter for County Sound Radio in Guildford for three years before becoming a presenter/producer for BBC Radio 3.

He was best known for presenting the 1-5pm weekday afternoon slot, which included Classic FM Requests show.

Crick spent 20 years on Classic FM, and he also worked for BBC, Jazz FM, Gaydar Radio, Encore Radio and Scala Radio.

He was associated with Jazz FM at the time of his death.

Crick’s contract with Classic FM was not renewed in September 2014, and he departed from the station.

He later joined Scala Radio in March 2019, where he hosted a show.

Crick was known for his engaging presence and was a prominent figure in the UK broadcasting industry.

He died after a brief illness, and his family confirmed the news of his death on August 29, 2023.

Jamie Crick illness

Unfortunately, the specific illness that Crick suffered from before his death has not been shared with the public.

According to Independent, the family issued a statement claiming that the radio broadcaster passed away following a brief illness.

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Jamie Crick career

Crick was associated with several radio stations throughout his career, including Classic FM, Encore Radio, Jazz FM and Scala Radio.

He was known for his passion for music, cycling, football, and current affairs.

Crick began his career as a presenter for County Sound Radio in Guildford for three years before becoming a presenter/producer for BBC Radio.

He later joined Classic FM, where he became a well-known presenter.

Crick also worked for other radio stations, including Gaydar Radio and Encore Radio. Since March 2019, he had been hosting a show on Scala Radio.

He was a renowned broadcaster who was highly respected in the industry, and was known for his wisdom, guidance and unwavering support for his colleagues.

Crick was also a mentor to many, including Jason Rosam, who tweeted about Crick’s passing, saying that he was “saddened beyond words”.

He was a beloved figure in the radio industry, and his passing has left many people heartbroken.

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