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Crowthorne Christian Academy Video On Youtube, Twitter, Reddit & Tiktok (Watch Full Video)

When a student was expelled from a school for sporting dreadlocks, a disturbance occurred in Midrand. According to recent reports, the school that was to blame for the student’s expulsion has been permanently closed.

Crowthorne Christian Academy, which is located in Midrand, is the institution at the center of this dreadlocks-related issue. An internet frenzy has been sparked by a viral film that is making the rounds on social media and shows what happened at Crowthorne Christian Academy.

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Crowthorne Christian Academy Video

In the video from Crowthorne Christian Academy, EFF protesters can be seen demonstrating in front of the school together with police officers. The demonstration happened after the school decided to expel a female student with dreadlocks.

The young woman allegedly had her expulsion from the academy forcibly because of the way she wore her hair. She was reportedly removed by force since the school’s rules forbade the wearing of dreadlocks.

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As a result, Crowthorne Christian Academy has decided to permanently close its doors. The parents of the pupils at the school were informed of this choice by the administration.

The institution will thus be shut down for an undisclosed amount of time. Please read this article to the end for more detailed details if you want to learn more about this incident.

The situation has been clarified by newly discovered facts. Recent sources claim that the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has discovered that Crowthorne Christian Academy was not legitimately registered.

According to the department’s spokesperson, Steve Mabona, the little girl who was dismissed because of her dreadlocks is 13 years old. He claimed that the department had provided an invitation for her to enroll at a different school and had also offered counseling assistance.

Mabona added that the GDE is actively working to help the institution comply with the appropriate regulations. He also asked the agency to work with all unregistered educational establishments to provide assistance with the registration process.

Contacting the school on Thursday morning produced no response. Keep checking back for more information as this scenario continues to change.

Crowthorne Christian Academy Video

Crowthorne Christian Academy Video

Given the number of EFF supporters who showed up at the school, the parents of the pupils have been given the guarantee that they will soon receive a thorough explanation.

The Gauteng branch of the EFF, whose provincial deputy chairperson is Phillip Daniel, reaffirmed their steadfast opposition to any unfair policies, particularly those with overt racial overtones. This stance is in response to the event in which a schoolgirl was forcibly removed because of her dreadlocks.

All pupils’ hair must be neat and clean, according to the school’s hair-related code of conduct, which was shared on social media by the institution. The guideline further stipulates that only natural hair is acceptable and forbids trendy cuts or shaves, restricting haircuts to simple styles.

Hair extensions are also expressly forbidden from being used. It is essential to follow the situation closely to learn more about any changes and updates.

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