Coco Bliss and Grace ‘GO AT IT’ In Wild Fight At New York Hotel The Talks Today

Coco Bliss and Grace ‘GO AT IT’ In Wild Fight At New York Hotel (Watch Full Video)

Following a physical altercation in New York, two American TikTok stars, Coco Bliss and Grace, are the buzz of the internet.

Viral footage from this week show the two arguing in a hotel corridor after exiting an elevator simultaneously.

Who are Coco Bliss and Grace?

With 3.3 million followers on her @imcocobliss account, TikTok star Coco Bliss shares popular lip-sync and challenge videos.

The Miami, Florida native, 22, opened up shop for business as her own modeling agency, Bleu Bae Models, in March 2020.

Grace, also known by the handle @bbyyygrace, is a well-known TikTok star with more than 1.1 million app users.

The 28-year-old, who is from New Orleans, made her TikTok debut in 2022 and shares similar content. They both use Instagram extensively.

Coco Bliss and Grace fight Video Twitter, Reddit

Coco Bliss and Grace ‘GO AT IT’ In Wild Fight

The two have been at odds for a while, and this week while they were both in New York, their argument turned physical.

On her TikTok, Grace posted a video of a red wig along with the caption “Guess who?” Fans instantly deduced that she and Coco Bliss had recently had a disagreement.

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She then posted two more videos of Coco, one with and one without the red wig, dancing to Whip My Hair by Willow Smith.

Videos of the altercation that were released on TikTok by Coco Bliss and her ex-boyfriend, rapper and internet celebrity iLoveMemphis, are currently trending on Twitter.

One of the popular videos features Coco screaming, “Do you want to keep going, b***h?” while another features Grace alerting hotel staff, “She attacked me.”

Another shows Grace on the ground with her legs raised, fighting Coco, who calls Grace a “b***h.” Grace, though, stands up and makes a defense.

It happened just a few days after a Morgan Wallen concert incident that went viral on social media when a girl dubbed “romper stomper” defended her mother from being attacked by an intoxicated concertgoer.

@justroni25 Grace and coco fight 👀 #cocoandgracefight #cocobliss ♬ original sound – edgeveronica64

Coco responds on TikTok

Coco answered with a lengthy TikTok statement that read: “I only tried to go a second round because she was saying she wanted to fight again while she was on live.”

“After our argument, she went to security to leak information. I allegedly attacked her, and she stated she would file a lawsuit,” she added.

The incident started because Grace exited the elevator as she was boarding, according to the TikTok celebrity.

She attempted to make fun of me by taking out her phone. I then knocked her phone out of her hand as we got into a fight.

Coco claimed that she is currently attempting to obtain all of the hotel CCTV footage and claimed that “she lost fair and square.”

Although I may have been bleeding from my wig falling off, I’m fine and still appear the same. You all will soon view the video.

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