Cikgu Azwa’s Leaked Private Video Goes Viral on Reddit, Twitter

Cicgu Azwa, also known as Cikgu-Azwa, is one of the most popular social media influencers in Malaysia.

Recently, a private video of her was leaked online on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok, and Instagram.

Cicgu-Azwa’s name has been trending on social media platforms in Malaysia due to the alleged leak of her private video.

Back in 2020, Azwa responded to one a post;

“Damn, I want to be so angry that I want to cry. Take this video, ready to make a caption to spread hate like this. Without knowing who I am and what I do in life

“You’re a teacher some more. How is the teacher? Spread negativity? Stupid. If you don’t know, ask, it’s not a joke.”

Cikgu Azwa leaked video

The Internet is going crazy over her private video, which has sparked a lot of interest online.

Some users are trying to locate the video, but because of the sexual nature of the video, it has been taken off the internet.

There are also many reels circulating on TikTok claiming that it is her private video.

However, nothing has been confirmed by her side, and many believe that the video is a fake video, as no verification of the authenticity has been done by her side or the management.

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