Caterpillars moving cooperatively in a Special Way

We’re at all times fascinated by the various occurrences that nature produces. This time, a video of a number of caterpillars touring in a distinctive configuration has appeared on-line and, in the opinion of businessman Harsh Goenka, demonstrates the power of togetherness.

Within the video, which the RPG Group Chairman posted on Twitter, a number of caterpillars will be seen touring collectively on a highway. The bugs repeatedly climb over each other as they transfer alongside at a crawling tempo, which quickens their motion.

In accordance with the put up caption, “It’s a group of caterpillars, moving in a formation often called a rolling swarm. This rolling swarm of caterpillars strikes sooner than any single caterpillar. Energy of unity…”

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The video has obtained 170.5K views, a number of likes and reactions.

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