Blue Lagoon Ferry Accident Video Goes Viral Online Sparking Mixed Reactions

The Blue Lagoon ferry accident occurred when a double-deck catamaran transporting tourists from Paradise Island to Blue Lagoon Island in the Bahamas began taking on water.

The ferry sank, leading to a tragic incident where passengers were forced into the water. 

The accident resulted in the death of at least one US tourist, and several others were rescued from the water.

The Ministry of Energy and Transport has suspended Blue Lagoon Island’s commercial ferries and launched an investigation into the incident.

The details of the accident include terrifying moments as the ferry sank, with passengers struggling to access life jackets and chaos breaking out.

The passengers were wearing life vests, and rescue boats appeared to help pull the passengers and crew members from the water.

Unfortunately, a 74-year-old Colorado woman was found unresponsive and later declared dead

The investigation into the accident is ongoing, and the suspension of the ferry service remains in place as authorities work to determine the cause of the sinking and ensure the safety of future ferry operations.

Inside the Blue Lagoon ferry during the accident PHOTO/New York Post

Blue Lagoon accident video

A TikTok video captured the saddening moment of the Blue Lagoon Ferry incident on Tuesday morning, 14 November 2023.

It raised the alarm among the passengers.

The footage filmed by concerned passenger Kelly Schissel shows people wearing life vests as the vessel tilted to one side.

Some passengers are already in the water.

Moreover, the boat leans further, intensifying the dreading incident.

As the water rushed in, passengers decided to jump into the water.

Schissel’s video, which has gone viral, documented the terrifying scene.

In the clip, she narrates how crew members are overcome with fear.

They were seen crying and graving life jackets.

Also, Kelly noted the confusion among passengers as the crew seemed overwhelmed, leaving them without clear instructions on what to do.

The video shared with the hashtag #shipwreck and #boatsinking has gained attention online.

It shed light on the urgency that unfolded during the Blue Lagoon Ferry accident.

Why is the video trending?

Social media has played a significant role in helping videos go viral online.

Viral videos are those that become extremely popular and are shared by a large number of people on various social media platforms.

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The Blue Lagoon ferry floating away after the accident PHOTO/New York Post

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