Backflips Perform by a Pigeon

Movies of animals performing humorous or surprisingly are all around the web. A pigeon executing repeated backflips in a video has just lately gained new traction on social media. About 5 million individuals have seen and appreciated the little video, which was posted by the Buitengebieden Twitter account.

Many pigeons will be seen flying round in a subject within the footage. But one pigeon stands out for performing flawless back-to-back flips. It has a blue spot on its physique. It’s initially seen opening its wings earlier than finishing a backflip 3 times, not a couple of times.

“Pigeon doing backflips,” in response to the publish’s description.

Watch Viral Video:

The video has obtained greater than 5.3 million views, 16.9K reactions and  109.1K likes.

Individuals Reactions:

A consumer commented, “Their known as Tumblers, they do that to impress the women.”

Different movies of animals partaking in unusual behaviors, equivalent to a cat impersonating two boxers whereas watching tv, had been additionally submitted by some individuals.

The Universities Federation of Animal Welfare (UFAW) reported that a number of pigeon species, together with the curler and tumbler, had the intrinsic capability to execute backflips much like these.

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