Assembly Candidate Catalina Jaramillo Leaked Video and Photo Going Viral Online

Colombian politician Catalina Jaramilla has been making headlines ever since she was announced as the Green Party’s candidate for the upcoming election in the province.

Jaramillo maintains a Facebook page where she regularly posts photos and videos about her campaign, as well as asking people to vote for her.

However, her name has resurfaced after a private video of her went viral on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Since then, many people have been criticizing Jaramillo and demanding more information about what happened.

Catalina Jaramillo leaked video

Jaramillo released a video, and the image has caught the attention of a lot of people.

As previously reported, she uploaded a video of her in bed with her husband. In the video, she said various things, and her husband was seen kissing her.

According to Jaramillo, the video was leaked because it was intended for her inner circle.

A lot of people also took screenshots and posted the viral clip online.

This video has caused a lot of buzz online. It has also caught the attention of several national media outlets.

It is widely believed that Jaramilla recorded this video after having a passionate night with her husband and sent it to her constituents.

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