Ashlea Albertson Fiancé: Meet 31-year-old Jacob Kelly

Ashlea Albertson was a local race car driver from Greenfield, Indiana.

She tragically lost her life in a car crash on August 19, 2023.

Ashlea was known for her fearless pursuit of speed and her passion for motorsports, captivating hearts with her determination and left a legacy in the world of racing.

Her father, Todd Albertson, shared a video informing her friends and race fans about her untimely death.

Family, friends, and fans came together to mourn her loss and remember her contributions to the racing community.

The details of the car crash indicate that Ashlea was a passenger in an SUV involved in a two-vehicle crash on Interstate 65 near Seymour, Indiana.

The crash occurred after a high-speed encounter.

Ashlea’s death is a tragic loss for the racing community and her loved ones; her legacy will live on as a reminder of her passion and determination in the world of motorsports.

Ashlea Albertson fiancée

The 24-year-old race car driver was engaged to Jake Kelly, 31, and the two were set to get married in March 2024.

Kelly was critically injured in the same car accident that took his girlfriend’s life.

Ashlea Albertson and her fiancé Jake Kelly PHOTO/SNBC

Ashlea Albertson accident

Ashlea and Kelly were involved in a two-car accident around 11:30 AM just south of Seymour.

According to a footage from another vehicle, it was revealed that a white GMC Terrain being driven by Kelly was being passed by a black Chevy Malibu driven by a 22-year-old man in the northbound right lane of the highway.

According to police reports, the collision happened as both cars were seen accelerating and refusing to let each other pass.

The SUV lost control and spun out, causing the two vehicles to collide as the Terrain was about to change lanes.

Ashlea was Tony Stewart’s teammate, and they were often seen racing alongside each other.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Stewart mourned Ashlea’s death by writing;

“Today, I lost a teammate| @AshDogRacing had an infectious personality and could light up any room. She was a great race car driver that was involved in a road rage accident and lost her life. In the past, I’ve also gotten caught up in road rage

“I hope that we can honor Ashlea by controlling what we can control on the highway. Losing her is a sobering reminder of how precious life is. Please join me in keeping her family and friends in your prayers.”

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