45 women were allegedly raped by a Karachi school principal – Viral Video

Local law enforcement officers have revealed that the principal of a private school in Karachi’s Gulshan-i-Hadeed district has been detained by authorities after disturbing rape and extortion allegations surfaced.

When a technician was repairing a CCTV camera at the principal’s school, he came across these videos, which brought this upsetting incident to the public’s attention. The alarming circumstances were subsequently revealed in about 20–25 videos that were shared on social media.

Karachi School Principal Faces Allegations of Rape and Blackmail

The investigating officer (IO) reported that over 45 women have been implicated in a distressing case involving a school principal who was detained on Tuesday on suspicion of alleged rape and blackmail.

The accused principal worked at a private school in the Gulshan-e-Hadeed neighborhood of Karachi. Numerous women have accused him of extortion and sexual assault. Reports claim that he used CCTV footage to control and terrorize his victims, and the police found 25 such videos on his mobile device.

Following the online distribution of an explicit video featuring the principal and a female teacher, this unsettling scandal came to the public’s attention.

Impact on the Community of the Karachi School Principal

Impact on the Community of the Karachi School Principal

Authorities have sealed the principal’s office in response and are preparing forensic investigations. Irfan Ghafoor Memon, the accused, has been remanded in custody for a week at this time.

Memon disclosed that he had rented the school—with roughly 10 female teachers, 5 male teachers, and an estimated 250 students—in December for Rs100,000 per month.

Based on the state’s complaint, the police opened a case at the Steel Town police station. The principal is accused of manipulating teachers with the false promise of employment, which is alleged to have resulted in allegations of sexual harassment, threats, and blackmail.

Divorce after the video was leaked The Karachi School Scandal is still fresh.

The police are investigating additional suspects who have CCTV footage and videos, and two more suspects are expected to be arrested soon.

According to Assistant Commissioner Nazir Abro, the district administration will also launch an investigation and work with the education department to ensure that the student’s academic progress is uninterrupted.

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